Photo by Kenyon Fatt

Chris Wu is a Virginia native and Colorado College art graduate.  His inspiration has often been rooted in his grandmother's Chinese watercolor bird and flower paintings (‎花鸟画), and he continues to find great meaning in exploring the slivers and shavings of Mother Nature's imagery.  Most of his recent work consists of ink and oil on paper, assisted by photography or found natural objects.  However, a growing desire to keep trying and learning has introduced Chris to newer practices like pottery,  pointed pen calligraphy, and candle making. 

Alongside Chris' art experience, he has had the privileges of a lifetime with his entry into public service in Washington D.C.  Chris was first connected to a non-profit organization, called International Leadership Foundation (ILF), which is dedicated to promoting the civic awareness and public service of young Asian Americans.  Following his time at ILF, Chris was accepted into the White House Internship Program in the Fall of 2016, serving as an intern in the Office of Calligraphy during the last months of the Obama Administration.  Needless to say, Chris has gained more inspiration and faith in the coexistence of art and service, and he is on a quest to see where he can make positive change. 

Stay tuned for updates and please feel free to contact me for more info or, dare I say, a commissioned piece!