Calligraphy ComMission Completed by Chris Wu

Addressing envelopes has been added as a new finger strength and endurance training exercise routine.  I am happy to record the completion of my first calligraphy commission from a special, soon-to-be married friend.  It has been less than a year since I started my first calligraphy class at the Smithsonian.  It has also been less than a year since I wrapped up an internship in the White House Office of Calligraphy.  It is an experience I can't forget, and I'm glad I can hold on to it through this new practice.

Cheers to 2018 and continued creation.  There is much to learn with no end in sight...


"The Purpose of Art by Chris Wu

is to connect the visible with the invisible; the temporal with the timeless." 

I thought this was a memorable quote, discussed over dumplings and Polish beer. 

- Professor Bogdan Swider

Off to Chicago by Chris Wu

Tonight, I experience pre-flight anxiety as I wait for sleep to sweep over me.  The brightness of my computer screen doesn't help, but I thought this very moment could be my blog's first stepping stone.

In a few hours, I will be flying to Chicago with my parents to visit brother Victor.  We will be touring the windy city, but my eyes are scoping out a greater future: a month-long brotherly road trip from Chicago to California and back -- roughly 5,000+ miles and 90+ hours of driving.

I know this adventure will help us come alive.  I look forward to seeing life in brighter colors once again. 

Adventure is out there...